NEW YORK, NY- A large crowd of thousands of people has inexplicably erupted in NYC’s Time Sqaure to rally for “Four More Years” of something. The crowd, which reportedly began as just a few average looking people, has slowly grown into a mighty force.

Jon Avery, a self-proclaimed “demonstrator,” says he joined the crowd on the way to his office.

“Well I heard them chanting, so I just had to join in,” said Avery. “I mean who wouldn’t? I got a free t-shirt.”

When asked what exactly he wanted four more years of, he replied: “Um you know, things going on in the world. Global Warming, for example, give me four more years of that shit and then get on with it.”

Sally McCutchen, another chanter, was at odds with Avery.

“We’re upset about the Mexicans. All of them,” said McCutchen. “So we’re giving them four years to get the hell out.”

Another demonstrator and recent green card recipient, Julio Sanchez, attempted to clarify.

“It’s about the President,” assured Sanchez. “He has cancer and he will live for four more years at most.”

Despite the apparent dissent amongst the crowd’s individuals, they all appeared focused on the same cause. Picket signs scattered throughout the crowd all read “Four More Years.” One sign, however, being held by a passed out drunk man read “Four More Beers.”

This occurrence of crowd-cause confusion is not a lone incident. Last week, a crowd formed in front of the White House demanding that the President “Give us what we want when we want it.” And just yesterday, a middle-aged African-American woman was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to get off a bus, despite being told numerous times that the bus station was closed.