As 2012 comes to a close, it is important that we take a step back from our busy galaxy and make time to remember those we lost.

It is with a heavy heart that NASA announces the discovery of the following supernovae: SN 2012ej, SN 2012hf, SN 2012bv, and 230 other brave celestial bodies.

These stars shined brightly in their lifetimes, but a lack of hydrogen nuclei has made it impossible for them to sustain the necessary thermonuclear fusion reactions required for life.

Some of them went with old age. Others, however, let their lights shine a little too brightly, exploding into luminous balls of gas when we least expected it.

Then there were stars that took their own lives. SN 2012fw, a former child star with a glowing future, had dreams of becoming a supergiant. But its sparkling beauty and the gaseous pressure from its core became too much for it handle. NASA astronomers were shocked when they discovered that it had exploded violently, in a Vegas hotel room.