Numerous sources in the U.S. are showing that NHL Playoff hockey–you know, that sport where people hit a small disk into a net with a wooden stick and skate around on a frozen patch of water–may or may not be underway at this very moment in time.

“I think I saw someone tweet ‘goal!’ or something, but that could have just been about a soccer match,” said Ben Parsons, who likes to think he has a pretty good feel for the sporting world. “You know what? I saw the word ‘Penguins’ too…Yeah, that must be hockey, right? What other sport would have a team named after a cold-weather animal?”

Above: What appears to be a professional hockey player.

Above: What appears to be a professional hockey player.

There have been other indications of the occurrence of the NHL Playoffs, including a rather cryptic diagram embedded onto the official NHL website. The diagram seems to hint at a bracket-style format similar to that used by reputable sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

In addition, an article entitled “Top Playoffs Performers,” includes many names that appear to be fabricated such as James van Riemsdyk, Tuukka Rask, and Ryan Getzlaf.

“There’s just really no way to tell for sure,” said Harvard sociologist Dr. Dan Beekman. “It is not atypical for a sports fan to be so passionate about something that they actually convince themselves that it’s true. I just hope that one day these people–these ‘hockey’ fans–find the help that they need.”

“But honestly,” added Beekman. “Who cares? It’s hockey.”