Photo Credit: Drew, The Come Up Show

Photo Credit: Drew, The Come Up Show

WASHINGTON—In a shocking turn of events, Drake, the popular Canadian hip-hop artist, has taken full credit for the recent U.S. Government Shutdown.

“I shut shit down errday,” said Drake via a video post to his Instagram feed. “In the mall, on the B-Ball court, at the gym, on line at Pinkberry, you name it. If it exists, I’ve shut it down Drizzy-style…Jeez, I prob musta shut down the U.S. government, too, and didn’t even notice it because of how busy I was shutting all my other shit down.”

“Fuck what these haters say about the GOP taking ‘blame,'” continued Drake. “Ain’t no blame here to take. Only credit. And I’m takin’ it all, shawty.”

“No doubt,” added a hammered Nikki Minaj, who in the video appeared to be doing coke off of some sort of pink leather zebra.

The Obama administration has yet to formally respond to Drake’s Instagram video, but that hasn’t stopped some Republican members of Congress from expressing their relief and excitement on Twitter.

“Mad respect to my boi Drake for owning up to the #truth,” tweeted Speaker of the House John Boehner. “This kid be beasting so hard we neva even notice he responsible 4 shutdown #onelove.”

“Can someone getta a fire hose,” tweeted Senator Ted Cruz. “Cuz my homie Drake just burn’d this place down #washington #yolo.”

Drake himself has refused further comment on the issue. The rapper has reportedly been busy touring, or as his manager, “shutting down every city on the East Coast.”