CRAIG’S HOUSE — While at a friend’s viewing party for the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere Sunday night, area pretentious douchebag  Will Barrett allegedly took time to remind everybody that Game of Thrones is also “pretty great book series.”

“If you like the show, then you should totally check out the original series it was based on,” advised Barrett wholeheartedly, seemingly unaware that everybody else present also possessed eyes, ears, and a basic understanding of the concept of a screen adaptation, for fuck’s sake.

“It was actually written by George R.R. Martin, who you guys may know as one of the Executive Producers of Game of Thrones. But you see, he’s also a talented novelist,” added Barrett before taking another sip of his craft beer, as though he, the patron saint of written word, had just made everyone’s lives more enriched.

“I mean nobody’s going to make you read it,” continued Barrett, who majored in English literature or some shit at the University of Chicago.  “But if you ask me, the HBO version can get a little stale. Plus text gives you, the reader, the ability to visualize the characters for yourself. It’s almost like you’re the creator of your own little fantasy universe.”

At press time, Barrett’s genitals had been chopped off and consumed by his friends and family.