Wildlife is amazing, but it takes a stellar photographer to really capture its true beauty and depth! Here are five incredible photos of chimpanzees from around the world captured the exact moment the chimps realize that they’re going to spend the rest of their futile lives trapped inside the confines of a zoo.

1. This chimpanzee gazes solemnly into the distance, as he has just accepted the cold fact that he will never see his family again.

Schimpanse_Zoo_Leipzig Photo by Thomas Lersch

2. This wonderful little chimp named Sasha just had an epiphany: he will never be able to chew through those bars, and if he keeps trying, it will only be a matter of days before all he has left is his gums.

Lahore_zoo_-_june_3_2004-(69)-ChimpanzeePhoto by Pale blue dot

3. Koko here just wants to swing freely from the branch to branch with her friends, feeling the humid air of the rainforest rush through her hair. Clutching her only friend, a brown paper bag, she has just now come to terms that this will not happen, and that she would develop an alcohol problem if she had to resources to.

Lightmatter_chimpPhoto by Aaron Logan

4. This chimpanzee isn’t sad because he feels like the world is pointless. On the contrary, he’s sad because he has realized that the world is an amazing place full of joy and life and interesting places to discover, but he’ll never know what any of that looks like firsthand.

5967738606_8abfd30963_z Photo by Tom Holbrook

5. Upon definitively realizing that the gate to his compound is for human use only, Geronimo is so full of anger and sadness that he doesn’t really know how to express himself. All he can do is snarl a sickly snarl. Tomorrow he will do the unthinkable. He will try to kill the only thing that still brings him some joy: Clay, the zookeeper who feeds and bathes him. It’s not Clay’s fault, but Geronimo needs make a statement before it’s too late.

956px-Knoxville_zoo_-_chimpanzee_teethPhoto by The_Gut